Mailbag - Q&A 05.12.2002

Islands of Aloha wrote:  

Why is Mario so popular? How has he affected video gaming?

NulShock: I think Mario is so popular simply because he's so universal. Kids and Adults like him, and what guy couldn't sympathize with his goal of rescuing his beloved Peach from the grasps of King Koopa? Not to mention Mario's world, even from the beginning, was just so alive and teeming with ......uh.....Stuff! :)

He's affected video gaming in that if it weren't for the success of Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, video games today would probably, maybe, not even exist as we know them. After the demise of the Atari (The Great Video Game Crash) 2600, and more than a handful of knockoff systems, people were very jaded about any kind of home video gaming system. Not only was the graphics on Nintendo simply amazing back then, but Nintendo kept it promises, and delievered true arcade quality excitement.

Damian wrote:

Will the Super Mario Bros. Super Show come back on television, or any Mario Bros. shows?

NulShock: Doubt it. But if you petitioned Cartoon Network or another similiar cable channel that shows alot of reruns, it's possible they could pick it up for distribution by the end of the year. Hint. Hint.
FrancoisSoft wrote:

How old are you people?

That Buttercup is a weirdo! Mario isn't even real. How old is she anyways Mario's probably too old for her. What a weirdo...

NulShock: We're approximately too old to be doing this (probably).