Mailbag - Q&A 04.20.2002

Mitchell wrote:  

Does Mario ever change clothes? He's had that same pair of overalls on for eternity!!!

NulShock: I think that Mario's wardrobe is similiar to Ernest P. Worrell's, in that he has a closetful of the same outfit.

Do you really think Peach would smooch him if he had B.O. that bad? :)

Nathan wrote:

how much info do u have on toad

NulShock: Check the Media Mario pages. You will find a whole article dedicated to Toad, by our one and only MEGAByite.
MEGAByite wrote:

Hi Mario Fans! I'm again out on a little hiatus, as I'm studying hard to finish up exams. College is tough! I will be back soon tho, as I'm sure I'm being missed.

NulShock: Missed? You?

In fact, who the heck are you? And why are you talking in such a way?