Mailbag - Q&A 03.23.2002

Francois wrote:  

Where was the capital of the Turtle Empire in Super Mario Brothers?

NulShock: Good question.

I honestly don't think it was mentioned, even in the TV series. Logic would tell me it'd be named something like "Koopatopia" or something, though.

Fuzzy wrote:

I Heard Mario Brothers 2 origionally wasn't a mario game. But nintendo got it and replaced the characters with mario characters. Is this true? and what was it called before?

NulShock: You would be referring to a Japanese game known as Dream Factory. Nintendo, for some reason, felt they needed to take a totally different approach with Super Mario Bros. 2, for the American audience. So yes, they purchased the rights to a Famicon (Japanese NES) game called Dream Factory, and replaced the characters with Mario and Pals, as well as altering some of the locales and enemies. The result was something totally unique, and while SMB2 doesn't necessarily fit in with the Look of the Mario series, it definitely was a step in a fresh direction, selling millions of copies.
Fuzzy wrote:

Why isn't megaman in Super smash brothers melee? is it because he belongs to sony now?

NulShock: Mega Man has always belonged to Capcom LTD, the makers of some of the best gaming series of all time, including Street Fighter and Resident Evil. The reason he wouldn't be in any Smash Brothers Series, is because he is not a Nintendo-created character, like Mario, Link, Pikachu, Princess Toadstool or the like.

There is talk that Sonic the Hedgehog and other "Outsider" characters will appear in future Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. games, tho, so keep wishing.