Mailbag - Q&A 03.14.2002

Daniel wrote:  

Hey this may be a question that has an answer which is painfully obvious but here it is. In Super Mario World, in the forrest of illusion i have become stuck. I have gotten past the haunted house and beat the next stage after that one... But after i beat it the new path that appears simply leads back to the underwater world in which ive already been! where do i go? Thanks alot in advance for your help!

NulShock:   Actually, you've found one of the secret exits out of the Forest of Illusion ghost house. There's also a switch palace in that forest, the green one I believe. Just go back through the ghost house again, but try very carefully to look for any other exits; sometimes exits change when you hit switches, so keep that in mind.

If I'm remembering that particular ghost house right, the real exit is not the obvious one (hence the name of the forest). Just keep trying it, and within another try or two, you should pop out the right exit and be able to continue.
MEGAByite wrote:

Nulshock? Are you there? Let me out, man! This isn't funny! I need to work on the site! Nulshock??!! HELLO?!?

NulShock:  You just stay in there awhile longer, man. It'll be good for you. You'll gain some introspective on yourself. Teach you to spill coke on my Princess Toadstool poster.
Ted wrote: 
I have a question. Are you guys planning on opening up a message board or anything? I think it woulld be a good idea.


NulShock:  Hrm. Yes, it might. But I like to know if our visitors are as intrested in it as you are, Ted. What do you guys think? Should SMBSS have a Message board for you to post on, and discuss topics?