Mailbag - Q&A 03.07.2002

Joe wrote:  

Well, um this isn't really a question but i just wanted you to know in a interview with Mr. miyamoto, he said the hose on marios back was for "cleaning up the paint that falls from the sky".... what ever that means..

NulShock:   Oh wow, that's very cool information! Thanks for the tip-off. I'm confused just like you tho. "Cleaning up the paint that falls from the sky?" If Mayamoto wasn't a proven genius, I'd be worried about that statement. :)
Henry Butler wrote:

Which is Mario's favorite bad guy?

NulShock:  I would venture to say that while Bowser is not Mario's original enemy, he is most definitely his favorite nemesis. Mario and Bowser have a very heated rivalry that goes back over a decade, and is still going strong. While they've learned to put differances aside, and Bowser's learned to play fair from time to time, these two still remain very strong enemies of each other.

What do the rest of you Mario fans think?

Brett wrote:

I like the site keep up the great work!

NulShock:  Thank you! We're trying hard to make the site stand out from all the other Mario-related sites on the Internet.