Mailbag - Q&A 02.22.2002

RitaNdari wrote:  

Are you going to make another super mario world game on super netendo?

MEGAbyite:  Actually the good ol SNES is long gone.  The games that were created for the system are now considered classics games to play. So no more SNES games will be made however Nintendo is indeed recreating the older games for the newer systems. An example would be Super Mario Advance for GBA. P.S. - We do not have ANY affiliation with Nintendo implied by the email =o) 
Mistah Magoo wrote:

If Marioo eat the mushroom, do he die form bad fuud poisoning? My friend larry said he dropded deaded, if you eats one. Is dat true there?

MEGAbyite:  Dats true and dats not true. Normally if Mario touches, eats, smells, a mushroom he turns into SUPER MARIO! Which is the bigger, badder, stronger version of our favorite plumber. However SMB 2 released in Japan did include some poisonous mushrooms dat woud give Mairoo bad fuud poisoning and make him dropped deadd! =o)  
Bryan wrote:

How old is Mario,Luigi,Bowser,Peach,and Yoshi?

MEGAbyite:  Ack gag if any Mario related questions stump me this one could be it. However never fear MEGAbyite is here (and going to give it a logical try). In the movie Super Mario Bros. The Movie Mario is stated to be in his younger 30's when his younger brother is around mid 20's.  As for Bowser honestly who knows...that evil reptile has been around for ages plotting domination of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach would be a mid point between Mario and Luigi, and Yoshi a fairly youngin 10-15 years old. I don't think there is anyone who knows all the exact ages (Still looking into finding the birth certificates of the plumbers =o) however using clues we can easily guess!