Mailbag - Q&A 02.16.2002

Luke0243 wrote:  

Hey guys great web page!  Welcome back!  My question may be too easy but frankly I do not know the answer so I take it you guys are the pros you can help me out.  Does Mario and Luigi have a last name?  Thanks for your help!

MEGAbyite:  You may be surprised but actually Mario and Luigi share Mario's first name for a last name.  Thus Mario's full name is Mario Mario and Luigi's Full name is Luigi Mario.  If you ever seen "The Super Mario Bros. The Movie" then it will all make sense. 
dino49 wrote:

Hello you brilliant webmasters you of SMBSS!  I was just wondering an opinion.  With all the new consoles out like Gamecube, PS2, and X-Box, do you think the classics are going to fade away?  I mean are they just ancient history?  

MEGAbyite:  NEVER!  The classics have the strongest grip on the gamers making up the industry since they were actually all we could play!  It really tells you something when you walk the halls only to see basically 1 out of 2 kids with all the classic ROMS downloaded on their computer.  The classics (ie ALL NES GAMES!) were the foundation of what we see today.  In most cases the story line of these games made them so much better due to the lacking technology of graphics.  Today's games are placed on the market so fast hoping glamour and new 3D art will sell it.  Well we see this is not true at all and the games with the story lines sell the best.  The classics as said gave way to what you play today.  I never get tired of playing them and still play my NES more than my Gamecube.  Besides college chicks dig guys who have an NES! =)
yoshman2K wrote:

Hey Megabyite and Nulshock.  Are you two new webmasters?  What happened to Cirrus and Winterblue?

MEGAbyite:  Well first of all I am Cirrus.  I used to go by that alias which was completely stupid.  I chose the first word I found in the dictionary and went by that.  No call me MEGAbyite (MEGA) now.  As for Nulshock yes he is also an origional here at SMBSS.  Although expect more changes from him.  He has a compulsive disorder causing him to change his alias once every six months.  =)  Nope no change here both webmasters still the same after two years!