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Abduction in Mushroom Kingdom - A Miniseries
By RazorBurn


In this first segment of a mini series of crime scene detective Mario stories, Mario discovers the Princess has been abducted. With no leads except for a hard ass Goomba, Mario is stumped.  Now join us as we delve into the twisted story.

Part 1 “The Disappearance”

The day, March 16th, the time 7:00pm, the place my home, I remember the day, it started off with my usual cup a joe and my morning paper.  Luigi and I were getting ready for work when we got a knock on the door.  Toad was at the door and by the expression on his face I could tell something was wrong by the expression on toads face, he told me that the Princess had been abducted again.  I kinda smirked, and asked him if he had already found Bowser.  Then his face grew pale, and he told me that Bowser was dead.  I quickly lost my sense of humor about the matter, and began to grow worried.  I asked him where the Princess was last seen and he told me, on her way to the church.  I informed Luigi of the situation and immediately took leave.

Part 2 “At the Church”

Upon arrival at the church, I asked the priest if he had seen the Princess today.  He told me yes, and that she stayed for a good hour or so before leaving, that meant that the Princess made it to the church, but where did she go after that, I decided to head for the Palace and find the last person that had seen her.  I questioned family members and friends, but nothing seemed to turn up, so I decided to start searching for clues.  We turned that Palace upside down and inside out, but nothing seemed to turn up.  Then I noticed it, the bed sheets were gone.  At first I was puzzled, nonetheless it was the first real lead I had gotten all day, so I decided to look further into it, why would someone have taken the bed sheets not unless they were used to climb out of a window?  Maybe it wasn’t abduction after all, what if the Princess just ran away.  All the clues pointed to it, and I was fresh out of ideas, so I started off towards the town.

Part 3 “While in Town”

When I got to town it all seemed kind of odd, the streets were almost empty.  It felt like a ghost town, but I needed answers and I was going to get them.  I began knocking on doors, but no one would answer.  After about the fourth house I knew something was up.  I started to scan the streets for an out of place character, then I saw him, a rough looking Gumba, I knew he wasn’t from around here and I decided to welcome him appropriately.  When he saw me coming he tried to run but I grabbed him by his little pointy-head.  “Now listen here kid,” I tried to sound tough, “ I wanna know what you’re doing on this side of the Mushroom Kingdom?” In a gruff voice he said “I ain’t gotta tell you nothing.”  I could tell he was a hard ass so I decided to take him down to the Palace for questioning.

Like this? RazorBurn assures me Part 4 is on the way!