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Mario & Jaubaub's Adventure - By Michael


One day, not too long ago, Mario was eating a HUGE plate of lasagna, because he loves it so much. In the middle of his great feast, a Goomba came by his house. Mario saw the Goomba and was about to stomp him when the Goomba said, "Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me," "OK, but what are you doing?" asked Mario. The Goomba snapped at Mario, "Wandering around in the cold, Sherlock!" Oh, Okay. But one does wonder, Why?" asked Mario. "On an adventure." said the Goomba. "Oh, duh, silly me, we haven't gotten acquainted yet. My name is Mario," said Mario, while gracefully bowing. "Jaubaub," said the Goomba. "Well, Jaubabo, what kind of adventure are you on?" asked Mario politely. "My name is Jaubaub, and I'm off to see the Princess Zelda," Jaubaub said. "Can I come with you?" Mario asked hopefully. Jaubaub was all of a sudden in deep thought.

What happens next? Find out in Mario and Jaubaub's Adventure, Day 2, which will come out in a couple weeks!! Also watch for "Mario's Journal"!!  you next time in Mario and Jaubaub's Adventure!!

-webmaster comment:  wow tying in Mario and Zelda quite unique.