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Mario's Adventure - By Brett W.


While Mario was sleeping. this huge bomb omb blown up and Mario woke up and looked out his window and saw bowser demolishing buildings. Mario get's up Luigi and Mario says! Luigi we gotta go save our home! Bowser is demolishing stuff and... Luigi get's his Hat on and Mario and Luigi ran out the door!

Mario get's out his Fire Flower and he says B-O-W-S-E-R your going die this time! Bowser looks and he threw a huge bomb... Mario faints. Luigi trys to help but he's useless!


Bowser said go IGGY! Help your farther! Iggy jumps off the floating Bowser castle. Lands on a tube! Iggy goes down the tube! Yoshi suddenly comes and says Yoshi hungry! hmmmmmm looky it's bomby! yum! (Yoshi eats lots and lots of bombs) About a while later Yoshi says Ohhhhhh yoshi don't feel no good) Bowser says your useless against my titanium bombs! Bowser says if you can stop me I will give you back the princess. Luigi said You don't got Princess Peach? Bowser said huh? where did see go? Bowser turns around and Peach said Star Power! She used his magic power which is called Star Power! Bowser said Invincible! wha ha ha ha ha ha ha you can't hurt me I am invincible! Mario said that's it! your going down! Yoshi Lugi I got a plan and this will stop bowser for good!

Chapter#3 will they get the princess back or not?

Mario turns titanium! Luigi said how.... did you do? Mario said I'll tell you later. Mario get's his cape on and flys up to the floating Bowser Castle! Bowser said you can't beat me! I am invincible! Mario said yeah your right if I can't beat you. I'll trick you! Mario does the Matrix and breaks the invincible magic power by doing a triple double kick and Bowser lays on the floor! Mario reachs the ground and said oh yeah Now that felt good! Mario beats Bowser and The Floating Castle Of Bowser is going to crash into his land! Mario said well this is it I guess Bowser really did beat me. Luigi said don't give up! Princess yelled out MARIO HELP! Mario get's the key from

bowser and unlocks the cell door and escapes.

Chapter#4 will Mario, Luigi, Princess, Yoshi be okay? or will they.... you know....

Bowser's Castle get's ready to blow up and Mario says I got a plan on how to stop this! let's steer this piece of trash outta here. Princess Peach said how? Bowser planted a time bomb and it's gonna go off in like 20 mins and counting. Luigi said just do it It's gonna be risky but hey if we do make it I'm gonna by mario Pasta for a year! Mario says I'm gonna do it.... NOW!

Mario get's his cape on and flys up to the steering wheel and turns it outta here. Mario looks at the time bomb and says oh no! only 2 mins left! I wish this thing will go faster. Mario pushes the peddle fast like a bullet or maybe like Sonic The HedgeHog! Mario get's out to saftey and Mario said phew glad that's over.... ahhhhhhhh only 10 secs left and counting I need to get out of here! Mario uses his cape to fly back to the Island. Bowser's Floating Castle was destroyed. Mario flys to Luigi, Peach and Yoshi and they all three said we are glad that you are safe and sound. Mario says hey Luigi you owe me some Pasta for a year! Luigi yells ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't believe I just told you that! You got Pasta for a year! Mario jumps up in excitement!

Yippe Mario says! We all laughed and said hey look it's the sunset. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi watchs the sunset.

The End