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The Kidnapping
By Crazy Boy


One bright sunny day at the Mushroom Kingdom Mario and Luigi were fixing some pipes when all of the sudden a big dark cloud came over Mushroom Village. Toad, the king, and princess toadstool and princess Daisy dashed up to Mario and Luigi and princess toadstool said " Mario what is going on"!  Mario said
"Bowser"!  Luigi said "Mario let's go"!  Mario looked at Luigi and said "No Luigi!  I am going alone".  Then Bowser swooped down and grabbed princess daisy and princess Toadstool.  Mario said to Luigi "Let's go"! Mario got on a yoshi and so did Luigi.  Bowser took princess Daisy and princess Toadstool to his lair where two goombas were standing guard. Then Mario and Luigi got to
Bowser's lair and beat up the two goombas and then had a big fight with Bowser and Luigi got knocked out.  Bowser laughed Mario said "You'll pay for this"!  Mario beat up Bowser and took Luigi home and the yoshi's were walking home with Mario and then Luigi woke up and was hurting.  Mario said "Bowser knocked you out". Princess Toadstool said Mario "You are a hero"!  The King of Mushroom Village said "Mario you have the courage, bravery, and strength to be a king. So Mario I crown you the King of Mushroom Village". Mario held up two fingers and said "I got it"!

                            The End