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After Super Mario 3
By Jessica88


"yes sweet taste of victory!" Mario said."Mw-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Bowser laughed."What the heck...how did you get back here?" Mario said. "those bricks led to a warp pipe and I have a guest!" Bowser said."Mario,help!" said the princess.
chapter 2:the first battle:
"how did you get her back?" said Mario,his hand flaming."well while you were coming back I snatched her."Bowser said. "take this!" Mario said."Ow!didn't anyone tell you not to play with fire!" Bowser said."Luigi to the rescue!" Luigi screamed."Ouch! what are you a karate master or something!" Bowser said."I'm a green belt." said Luigi."Super attack!" Mario and Luigi screamed."get them Hammer Bowser!" Bowser said.
Chapter 3:Mario bros. vs. Bowser bros.:
"Suffer your pain Mario bros.-" Bowser was interrupted to find they killed Hammer Bowser and the bros. were headed for him." "Nooooo! I was planning Super Mario bros.4 and you ruined my plans!" Bowser fell in the dark depths.
Chapter 4:The End?: "Yes,he is defeate-" Luigi said."What the...Bowser is back!" Mario said."That was a warm-up for me." Bowser said."oh,Toad bros." Luigi said."Yes we're here." Tough T. said."we heard a crash and we saw Bowser and now he's back!" Karate T. said. "Brother work!" they said and went to Bowser.
Chapter 5:this is the real end!: "Take these 12 fists now!" they said punching and kicking Bowser."2 fireballs now!" the Toad bros. said as Mario and Luigi shot their fireballs and knocked Bowser away for good!
Chapter 6:home in Mushroom Kingdom: "we're late for our class!" the Toad bros. said. "bye!" said Mario,Peach,and Luigi.Mario untied the ropes and went home to Mushroom Kingdom and a victory party in the castle.
Chapter 7:chaos in Koopa Villiage:"Hey put us down,you crazy Lakitus" said Jay,a koopa adult said." Stanley,a paratroopa just flew out your cloud." said Spike Top,his oldest brother. Crash! "King Bowser are you okay?" said Spike Top. "We're Mario's friends now.I'm tired of being slaved by Bowser." said Jay and the koopas and paratroopas. "Look at our homes we're moving in Peach's Castle."I wish the Mushroom Kingdom was gone!" said Bowser."we have to tell Mario!" said Jay.
Chapter 8:Mario's call: "Mario.this is Jay,a friendly koopa in Koopa Villiage." he said."Hi Jay what is it today!" Mario said."Bowser made a wish that the Mushroom Kingdom was gone.you have to stop him before our beautiful kingdom goes poof!" said Jay."Uh-oh guys bad news!" said Mario."What!" they said."Bowser wished the Mushroom Kingdom was gone!" Mario said."Noooooo!" they said."Jay says we have to stop him before it comes true." Mario said."Let's go!" they said.